About Finca La Fé

Finca La Fé is a 20 hectare organic farm and permaculture project owned by  Pete Shear in Pucará, Ecuador. Peter is from Vermont (USA) and has worked and lived in Ecuador since 1999. He is also the Director of CASA Interamericana, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to community economic development and sustaianble living alternatives: www.casainteram.org

Finca La Fé is named for Pete´s deceased mother, Faye Wingate. Although pronounced almost the same as Faye, “Fé” means Faith in Spanish. Pete explains the name like this: “My mother always had unending faith in me and my crazy projects. By putting myself (and family) in debt to pursue my dream of operating a self-sustainable permaculture farm I, in turn, am following her example and keeping the faith. Thanks Mom, for showing me the path. Finca La Fe is the monument I will build to honor your life.”

On the western flank of the Andes at 1900 meters, the farm is located in sub-tropical cloud forest, one of the world´s ten most  bio-diverse ecosystems. The land is comprised of approximately 20% primary cloud forest, 20% secondary cloud forest, 30% agricultural land and orchards, and 30% grazing pasture.

The farm is organized as a mixed economy venture: part private and part public. While organic produce will be sold for profit, the farm itself is also a non-profit education center and demonstration permaculture project that receives volunteers and students and host seminars.

The farm is also a member of the Agro-Artesenal Coffee Association of the Intag River Valley (AACRI), a 300 member fair-trade, organic cooperative born as an economic alternative to a proposed open-pit copper mine in the region.

Finca La Fé is also a member of ACAI, the Agroecological Campesino Association of Íntag.

Volunteers are welcomed for a minimum of two months.

Read Finca La Fe´s Permaculture Implementation Plan and see architectural drawings of the proposed Educational Center

Learn more about the community of Pucará

Take Spanish lessons at the INTAG SPANISH SCHOOL in Pucará

CONTACT Peter Shear for more information:
in Ecuador: cel 0986-849-950    home 06 3015 638
outside Ecuador: +593 8 684 9950    +593 6 3015 638


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