Spring in the Andes

7 05 2012

As many begin to plant  up North we are counting the days until the looong rainy season ends and harvesting! corn, piñas, aguacate, beans, yuca….everything is coming in beautiful this year thanks to an abundance of rain and the utilization of diluted sulfur calcite to control the associated powder funguses.


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Outhouses, treeplanting, and a great wet start to the growing season

10 10 2011

After a looooong blogging hiatus Finca La Fe is back….as our friends up north are harvesting their last produce and preparing for winter, in the Ecuadorian Chocó cloud forests we are planting the first corn, beans, coffee and veggies; continuing to reforest with native tree species as part of a nitrogen fixing, agroforestry plan; and putting the final touches on our rain water harvesting system that will provide 350,000 cubic m

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eters a year to our soon to be established fish ponds!

Also, the farm house is pretty much done….finally! We now enjoy a composting toilet, lavanderia, and bodega/ coffee drying shed.

Babies and nice produce as we enter the dry season

13 05 2011

The 2010-11 winter (october-may) has been the wettest in 40 years due to our friend El Niño. We have managed to more or less control the associated rise in fungus problems with organic bioles. As we start harvesting our corn and beans and prepare for the Ecuadorian summer (or dry season) the farm has been blessed with a new baby girl horse and cow, as well as lots of great fruit!

Check out this short documentray about Finca La Fe

6 05 2011

this year….it´s raining

3 12 2010

In 2009 what should have been the traditional start of the rainy and planting season was the start of a 6 month drought….the worst here in 60 years….Fortunately this year it has been raining cat´s and dogs…almost too much of a good thing. The slugs like it though!

cloud forest sunset....finally a little let up in the rain gave us this beautiful view.

planting veggies after a nice soaking evening rain

weekend on the farm with the girls

26 10 2010

Just spent an excellent weekend with my daughters Camila and Nina at Finca La Fe. We bagged a lot of seedlings in the tree nursery for later agro-ecological use and harvested a lot of organic granadillas and aguacates which I´m selling in Otavalo to higher end restaurants…the girls continue to develop their horse communication skills as well!

The incredible biodiversity of the Western Slope of the Ecuadorian Andes

16 10 2010

I took this foto at Finca La Fe around 6 p.m. on October 8th, 2011 looking pretty much due East towards the snow covered Cotacachi Volcano bathed in the deep magenta of alpine glow. At the finca you get an evening view of the mountain like this maybe twice a year.

It´s incredible to think that in the 15 linear kilometers that this image encompasses one can see remnant neo-tropical glacier, high alpine páramo grasslands, virgen high-altitude Andean forest, and the sub-tropical cloud forests of the Alto Chocó (one of thr 10 most biodiverse ecosystems in the world).